Custom Machining

Anything You Can Dream
AMS Can Build!

Custom machined parts are typically
purchased for one or more of the
following reasons:

•  The part is not available as a catalog or off-the-shelf item

•  The part has special requirements

•  The volume of parts needed is too low
to justify other forms of fabrication•  A formed, cast, or molded part would not have an adequate level of precision
or strength

•  The parts are needed very quickly

Depending on the part’s shape and requirements custom machined parts
might be made on a lathe, a milling machine, a stamping press, a press-brake,
a precision shear, or machined on a myriad of other types of precision equipment. In many cases a custom machined part might pass through many of the operations listed before being finished. Although custom machined parts are typically
more expensive than a mass-produced method, quite often the higher
price is justified due to the fact that custom machined parts are
generally more accurate, offer higher strength and/or integrity and can
be made much faster than most other methods.

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