Steve Moody - Owner of AMS
Steve has been racing high performances since 1984. An is expert engine builder who has been tearing up the track  since he was 18 years old. Steve has set many speed records with his engine designs. Steve and his team is an up coming favorite at Bonneville Speed Week.
 Susie Moody - Co Owner - Office Manager
Susie is not just an office manager but she is the backbone of this company. She has been the one to do a multitude of time consuming details and task's that are so important to making this business run smoothly. We strive every day to earn our customers and clients trust through, quality, service and value;also to being 'top of mind' to people looking to create custom engines.
 Ted Carlton, Tollhouse, Race, Industrial, Machinist     
Ted Carlton - Master Machinist
Ted is a master at his profession. As a versatile machinist he is a strong assets to Steve's team. Working as a machinist since 19??. Ted holds his own land speed record with Fairly Honest Race Team in 19??. Street roadster 120 mph.  Son of Butch Carlton a legend in his own time. Ted is known for his quality precision CNC machining and design skills. 
 Dillon Moody - Machinist
Has been playing in grease since he was 3 years old. Taking after his father hes known for pushing the limits and testing the possibilities. An avid 4x4 enthusiast he has a strong mechanical and suspension knowledge.  Be looking for Dillon Moody on the track and in the mud.
      Steve V - Machinist/Parts Manager
Has been apart of AMS since 19??. Steve has a vases knowledge for parts and there applications. Hes here to help you, with his pleasant personality and outgoing attitude Steve will be one of the 1st people you speak to when you visit or call AMS. 
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